How To Install Cydia without Jailbreak

Iphone is the most used phone’s in the world and cydia is a cracked app provided in the jailbreak iPhone. if you want to install cydia you need to jailbreak you iPhone it may cause some harmful effect like no network iphone cant started any thing like this if you do this your self. but today i gone show you how to install cydia without jailbreak any iPhone which have any ios version like ios 4, ios 4, ios 6 any one you can install cydia in any iphone like 2g, 3g, 3gs, 4g, 4gs, 5g any on them easily. No need to connect your iPhone with any computer yes you can install cydia without connected your iPhone to computer. you need to follow these method any one which match you just follow me what i ask you to do you will surely install cydia Download in you iPhone without jail break. follow the steps. i will show you all method to install cydia in you iphone. How To Install Cydia without Jailbreak How do you get cydia

How To Install Cydia without Jailbreak

Method 1 :

    1. First of all you to download a app from app store provided by apple just open app store and find for app vSSH client .
    2. Complete download after open this app you will show quick connect network click there.
    3. Then You need to know you wifi ip address you can find this address Go To Setting > wifi > open connected network just like shown in the picture .
      1.  copy that ip address and go back to sHH client app and fill that ip adress in the ip Host option.
      2. Then move down don’t change the port address and enter the username is root.
      3. Then click on the connect option in the top there.
      4. A option pop up there ask for Yes once or yes permanently click on the just once.
      5. Then it wilk ask you for the password and the password is alpine .
      6. Then click on return it will process and the click on the back option shown near keyboard option in the top.
      7. Then just copy this code

        wget -q -O /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/

      1. Then just paste this code there. then click return The download will started it will take up to 1 to 2 min .
      2. When you download complete it will restarted automatically.
      3. then you will see cydia icon on the screen  just click there.
      4. it will take some time to download and then you will run cydia in your iphone without jail-breaking  your iphone.
      5. These are just simple steps how to install cydia . next method

      Method 2:

      1. you just need to click on the link Download cydia.
      1. Then you can see the page with optin there free click on the free.
      2. It will pop up a option to install cydia click on install app.
      3. you need to click on the add to home screen option there.
      4. wait till cydia icon load click on add.
      5. then you can see cydia app icon on your phone click on cydia
      6. it will take some process and there you go cydia worked without jailbreak.   

      Method 3:

      1.Go to…
      2.Add iPhoneClub website to homescreen
      3.Rename iPhoneClub to Cydia
      4.Click here to Cydia

      These are the two of working method to How do you install cydia in your iphone without jailbreaking your deivce. with very easy method’s. there are many method given in the internet but all are fake or not working but both these are working well checked by myself in my friend’s iphone cause i don’t have my own :P .  How To Install Cydia without Jailbreak

      Do Some good comment down and let our user know these tricks are working or not if had any problem let me know i will help you out fast any cydia related problem.  like the post tweet to your friends and share any where. :)

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