How to Send GIF on Whatsapp

How to Send GIF on Whatsapp question in my mind and I research on the web and found that WhatsApp isn’t supported GIF means you cannot send animated pictures on WhatsApp, But there is always a way to do any work in a smart way so you can also send GIF in Whatsapp. Whatsapp gif support is almost

Upgrade Any Phone to Lollipop

How to upgrade to lollipop the question in the mind of every android user nowadays lollipop is the latest release from android with lots of new features and all new appearance and fell with improved battery backup and more features. But today we are gonna talk about how to get lollipop update in your existing phone to

How To Download Subtitles of Any Movie

If you are a movie freak and like to watch movies here is something special for you. Living in India everyone like to watch English movies in their laptop or PC but sometimes you cannot find English movie that are to Hindi or any regional language to this is better to have the English subtitles