Why You Should Root Your Android Phone

As a tech geek, people always ask me that Why You Should Root Your Android PhoneMy friends and individuals on Facebook pages and in BeingTricky always ask that why root android and how to root an android, what to do with a rooted Android. There are lot more things to do with a rooted Android in simple words your system user of your Android phone but after rooting your android phone you become system administrator of your rooted Android phone so now, you can install or uninstall any system app which needs administrator permissions. In play store, there are a lot more apps which need root permissions to do some task like you can undelete files from your Android phone and lot more. So let’s start with some pros and cons of rooting your Android phone and let you know Why You Should Root Your Android.


Why You Should Root Your Android Phone

I going to share some PROS and CONS of root so you can get a better idea you should root your android phone or not and what can you do after rooting your android phone so lets start.

PROS of Rooted Android Phone

First question in everyone’s mind how to root my android phone in easiest way or without computer so your phone don’t meet any boot loop or any other issue that make your phone not booted up I have already written a post on How To Root Any Android Phone Without Computer go to this link and find matching rooting app for your Android phone. Now get to point Why You Should Root Your Android.

Some basic things you can do after root your android phone.

  1. You can change your phone’s font to any font you like with font changing app.
  2. You can flash any custom recovery so you can get more powerful control while booting from recovery.
  3. You can flash any custom ROM for your phone after flashing any custom recovery.
  4. You can uninstall any bloatware that comes pre-installed with your phone.
  5. You can uninstall any system app or change permissions.
  6. You can edit any file system values.
  7. You can get more controls on your rooted Android with ROM TOOLBOX.
  8. You can get an on-screen button or remove on-screen buttons with ease.
  9. You can Undelete any deleted files you have to find undelete app from play store.
  10. You can change your phones led light colours and density.
  11. You can get better battery life with Greenify app.
  12. You can change your ROM existing kernel for better performance.
  13. You can change your LED display light to lower to get better battery life.
  14. You can change permissions of any file available on your phone.
  15. You can change your boot animations and boot sound.
  16. You can install any framework in your existing ROM to get some ROM level tweaks in a safer way.
  17. You can install Xposed framework and you can edit or add any another ROM’S functions to your existing ROM with ease.
  1. You can get better sound with wiper4android it has some unique feature which makes your phones sound experience better than ever.
  2. You can install any app which needs root permission to do their task.
  3. You can install any ad-blocker to block all ads from your Android phone.
  4. You can start automated backup which backup everything on your phone.
  5. You can speed up your phone like never before.
  6. You can back up your phone’s ROM for later use.
  7. You can hack or patch any app with the lucky patcher.
  8. You can get paid app for free with blackmart.

These are some basic or high-level things you can after rooting your android phone I going to share some link that is a must for you if you want to root your android phone.

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CONS of Rooting Android Phones

There are so fewer cons of rooted android phone if something wrong went with your phone maybe it’s your fault you may flash the wrong file or use the wrong method to root your android phone but there is always an easy to get out of any problem so there is easy way to get your phone back if something went wrong with your phone so lets start.

  1. You may need to take care while rooting your Android phone choose right method after some researching for your exact phone model.
  2. Better decide to root without computer method if available for your phone.
  3. Always take care while flashing any file to your android phone make sure that particular file is meant for your phone model only
  4. Your phone can stick on boot and meet boot loop if you flash the wrong file.
  5. If you uninstall any system file your phone my stuck at boot so take care while uninstalling any system file.
  6. Don’t flash any custom ROM that has bugs which harm your phone.


That’s all about cons of Why You Should Root Your Android you need to take care and some research required if you don’t know what you’re going to do with that particular app or file.

Note: If your phone ever stuck on boot don’t panic just find your phone’s stock ROM in google and flash and get your phone back to work.




  1. I also want to know is it necessary to keep ESfile explorer after rooting the phone , because my phone have all memory filled for apps , means i cannot add more apps install , can you solve this problem .


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