Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

The South Korean smartphone giant, Samsung has recently been in a lot of news and for all the wrong reasons. It came up with the most beautiful Galaxy Note ever in Note 7, only to end up recalling every single unit and possible death of the Note series all because of faulty batteries Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is the new device with top notch hardware.

However, it seems like the brand has moved past the blunder and is gearing up to launch new devices as always. Earlier, there was news that the Galaxy Note 7 would be the first from the brand to come with 6 GB of RAM but when it came out, it was regular 4 GB, which disappointed a lot of Samsung lovers.

However, now the handset maker is all set to launch a handset called Galaxy C9 Pro, which would be a mid-range handset and pack a 6 GB of RAM. This is a risky move as it would eat into the sale of its flagship S series of devices. Here is all there is to know about the up and coming Galaxy C9 Pro from the South Korean brand.

First Ever Samsung smartphone with 6 GB of RAM

This is probably the biggest ever leap by the brand as not even the flagship handset from Samsung comes with this much of RAM. Now that the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is out of the way, the brand is all set to launch the Galaxy C9 Pro with 6 GB of RAM. Samsung has already taken care of the slight lag caused by TouchWiz UI with less bloatware bogging it down. The performance and smoothness of the device would be further enhanced by the presence of the RAM. Considering recent competition in the market and Samsung mobile price list in India, we can expect the device to be priced at INR 30,000. The only other handset to have this much RAM in India as of now is the OnePlus 3, which recently received a software update to fully unleash the whole of 6 GB of RAM.

Massive 6-inch display

Samsung, the brand that is known for manufacturing powerful handsets with a big screen, lost the title after the recent debacle. It plans to make a comeback with the Galaxy C9 Pro, which boasts of a massive 6-inch display and will appeal to multimedia lovers and gamers. The display panel is Samsung’s Super AMOLED, which is known to be the best colour reproducing and easy on battery group in smartphones. However, the resolution has been capped at just 1920 x 1080 pixels, which on a large device like this tends to dull out slightly. However, underSamsung Galaxy C9 Pro offer excellent daylight visibility as well as viewing angles.

Bigger 4000 mAh battery

The larger chassis of the Galaxy C9 Pro makes it pretty convenient for the brand to fit in more features and battery under the hood. Samsung chose to launch the new handset with a bigger 4000 mAh battery that would easily see a user through a day’s worth of heavy usage on a single charge. Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Moreover, since larger batteries take longer to charge, Samsung was considerate to add the Quick Charging feature as well. This way, you are bound to run out of battery very rarely under 24 hours, and when you do, you can charge it up under an hour.

Decent Snapdragon 653 processor and cameras

The handset comes with an Octa-core processor that along with the massive 6 GB of RAM should ensure that the handset is always performing optimally. The highlight is the fact that Galaxy C9 Pro is the first smartphone to come with the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor, which comes with a bunch of improved and new features. Coming to imaging, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro features the same 16 Megapixels snapper to on the rear panel, which was present in its last year’s flagship device. This means that handset completely slays it when it comes to capturing outdoor images as well as low light ones. However, the real kicker is that the same camera will be placed on the front as well, which just happens to be the best front camera so far.

These are the known specs of the upcoming phablet from the South Korean brand, and by the looks of it, Samsung has got a winner on its hands. If Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro price in India would be prat tonINR 30000, then it could be considered as one of the best moves from the company in the current smartphone market. It might not be as premium and good looking as Galaxy Note 7. But at least it is safe and brings with tonne of advanced feature that many Android users will appreciate.


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