How To Root Xolo Black

    How To Root Xolo Black Xolo is renowned Indian brand with their best and low-cost in worth phones within the market. Xolo recently launched Xolo black phone they started brand named as black and there’ll be black phones within the market after some time. Xolo is additionally identified for their Android system Hive that is formed for India amorously in❤️ India. If you’ve got Xolo hive phones like Xolo Hive 8×1000, Omega 5 or Omega 5.5How To Root Xolo Hive. Hive is terribly fascinating ROM that has attention-getting options like there edge app from wherever you’ll transfer entirely different themes that create your phone additional fascinating you’ll apply terribly exciting ROM that attention-getting options like there edge app from anywhere you’ll move various themes that form your phone added fascinating you’ll use that always provides your phone style and new lock screen that is superb and you’ll lot a lot of things with a lot of stuff with the hive.

    How To Root Xolo Black

    Unlock Bootloader on Xolo Black

    Why unlock the bootloader?

    • It gives you the access to flash custom recoveries, kernels,etc..
    • With unlocked bootloader, you can root your device without any worry

    Requirements :

    • ADB drivers installed
    • Fastboot package
    • PC

    Warning :

    • You may/will lose data in the process of unlocking the bootloader. So backup before you proceed.

    Guide :

    • Download this fastboot package to your PC and extract it locally. ( C:/ for example )
    • Install ADB driver in your PC if you haven’t done it. The ADB driver installer can be obtained from here.
    • Now connect your phone to PC and go the folder where you extracted the fastboot package
    • Now pressing the SHIFT key right-click in that folder and select “Open command prompt here.”
    • A command prompt window would open and type ADB reboot bootloader and your phone should now reboot into bootloader mode and XOLO logo displayed.
    • Now type fastboot devices and the output should show something like below with some random number and state that a device is connected in fast boot mode.
    • Now execute fastboot OEM unlock and your device bootloader will be unlocked. The output will be like below.
    • If you see this message, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your device. Now finally execute fastboot reboot and your device will start up like normal.

    Root Xolo Black 1x – How To

    Next, Step to Root Xolo Black 

    GUIDE :

    • Make sure you have unlocked your bootloader
    • Connect your phone to PC and open the terminal window under fastboot package ( How to use ADB & fastboot is there under the bootloader unlock guide)
    • Execute ADB reboot bootloader and your device will reboot into fastboot mode with the Xolo logo showing up. To ensure that your device is connected execute fastboot devices command and your device should be listed.
    • Download this flashable supersu zip and transfer the zip to your internal storage/SD card.
    • Download recovery image from here ( recovery column under xolo black tab) and place it inside the fastboot package folder of your PC.
    • Now execute fastboot boot recovery_twrpblack.Img (this command doesn’t flash recovery to your phone) and the device will temporarily boot into recovery mode.
    • Now choose Install zip and navigate either to Internal storage or SD card and choose the Flashable supersu zip which you copied to your phone.
    • Once the installation is done, just choose Reboot system and the phone will boot normally and your device would have been successfully rooted.

    Extra notes:

    • If you want the recovery to be flashed to your device you can execute the command fastboot flash recovery recovery_twrpblack.Img and the recovery will be flashed to your device.


    The official forum post and credits to the author if you got root successfully thank the author here Root Xolo Black Hive Forum.

    How to root Xolo black without computer coming soon …



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