How To Root Xiaomi Redmi 2

How To Root Xiaomi Redmi 2 question in my mind after I got my Redmi 2 from Flipkart in last days. Found very impressive phone camera and music are out of the world in just 7,000 bucks only. I found the web about How To Root Xiaomi Redmi 2 but haven’t found something easy, Every method is shown there is working with PC,

but I want a native root file like xiaomi redmi 1s that works without PC, So I finally I found native root file for xiaomi redmi 2 after so much search in xiaomi forum here Root xiaomi redmi 2. So follow all the steps given below to root your redmi two without PC with native root file.

 Why To Root Xiaomi Redmi 2

The question in mind of some of you Why To Root Xiaomi Redmi 2, so here is simple answer rooting your phones means you can now access your phones root files you can change, modify, delete any file (careful about what you do) I must say if your developer or want to play with ROM level tweaks or kernel level tweaks then root your phone otherwise don’t root, But for me rooting is fun I can do anything in phone that I can’t do without root. One of the best thing I can hack games with the help of some hacking apps let’s come to the point there in the play store lot of apps available that works with rooted phone only or some works well if you have rooted the phone, So try to root and have some fun with rooting apps. SO let’s talk about how to root xiaomi redmi two without PC.

How To Root Xiaomi Redmi 2

  1. Download Native root file from official MiUi Forum Here (sign up needed).
    Version Root UnRoot Repair
    V6.5.2.0.KHJCNCD Download Download Download
    V6.5.1.0.KHJCNCD Download Download Download
    V6.4.3.0.KHJCNCB Download Download Download
    V6.3.5.0.KHJCNBL Download Download

    Global ROM

    Version Root UnRoot Repair
    V6.6.6.0.KHJMICF Download
    V6.5.3.0.KHJMICD Download Download Download
    V6.5.2.0.KHJMICD Download Download Download
    V6.4.4.0.KHJMICB Download Download Download
    V6.3.5.0.KHJMIBL Download Download
    V6.3.3.0.KHJMIBL Download Download
  3. Choose files as per your android version
  4. There are 2 files one for root your Xiaomi Redmi 2 and other is to unroot you phone.
  5. Download both above given files to your mobile.
  6. Copy both in your memory card or phone memory.
  7. Now Open your updater app or go to Setting>>About >>System updates.
  8. Click on top right 3 dot button you see some options now
  9. Click on choose files from SD card or phone memory.
  10. Now choose Root file.
  11. TADA your phone is now rooted let it restart.
  12. Now you can access your permissions from security app.

If this not worked for you Refer this link you can surely root your Redmi 2 without PC with ease…


Note: I am not responsible for any error to your device. USE AT YOUR RISK!

By the way, don’t worry you’re not going to face any problem if something goes bad you can download official ROM fromMIUI site and flash again to get your phone back easily.

So here is all about How To Root Xiaomi Redmi 2 without PC or computer with native root files.

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How To Root Xiaomi Redmi 2
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  1. Hey thaks for it bro i rooted my phone by this procedure, but my phone is not giving root permission. Pls help me.
    And secondly you told that i can recover to my original rom by downloading the miui rom but then what is the use of second unroot file that i had downloded.??


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