How To Root Xolo Hive 8x1000

Hey, there BeingTricky Geek I have latest and simple trick How To Root Xolo Hive 8×1000 quickly and most important without a computer. I have recently bought brand new Xolo hive 8×1000 and it is amazing phone hive user interface is impressive and Xolo team give regular updates with new features and with bug fixes. And the most surprising thing is this phone have an octa-core processor and with two GB ram it runs without any lags I have played almost all heavy graphics games and it runs all the games without lags. But I have searched for this phone How To Root Xolo Hive 8×1000  in XDA or web I haven’t found any easy or working methods some of them I find is ill or harder for other user and me as they comment there we r unable to root, same here I also cant root my phones using that method so I have found something interesting and easy way to root any KitKat phone or this Xolo hive without ant PC or laptop or without connecting to PC or laptop with just a one app and one-click root, so here what i found i am gonna share with you happy root.


We are not responsible for any loos so please backup your data, as I also root my phone I haven’t face any problem it gets root with just one click but be careful by your own.

How To Root Xolo Hive 8×1000

Method 1: with computer


There is one simple and easy step by me and one another in XDA tutorial see this to root xolo hive according to XDA developer but this is little tough and some driver problems are there so be sure to use this method in XDA it can make your phone brick so here is have easy Method.

Method 2: Without Computer

  1.  Download the Package and Install Kingroot App from here Root Kit (contains: king user.apk, Es file explorer, super su)For xolo hive 8×100.
  2. Just unzip that downloaded root kit.
  3. Install kingroot apk from zip.How To Root Xolo Hive 8x1000
  4. Just click on that big green button root.
  5. Wait for some time and it says Root done in Chines :p
    How To Root Xolo Hive 8x1000
  6. That’s all you have to root your device without any problem and computer in ease.
  7. But s lil thing is this is a chines root app so this doesn’t give super su or super root.
  8. It gives King user a chines root app, but this is in a total English and working fine in the phone.
  9. But if you still want Super Su then follow these simple steps.

How To Get Super Su instead of KingUser

  1. Install Es file explorer from given folder.
  2. Then Go to Device – system – app – and copy Super Su in this folder.How To Root Xolo Hive 8x1000
  3. And click to install it as a system app.
  4. Now just reboot.
  5. After start open Super Su app.
  6. It’ll say The Su binary needs to be updated Press Continue and select Normal.
  7. Then click in the standard that’s all you have now super su installed in your xolo hive 8×1000.



That’s all How To Root Xolo Hive 8×1000 With a Pc method and With without PC or laptop method with just one click app.

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How To Root Xolo Hive 8×1000
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  1. Maine sabhi step carefully kiya and sab kuchh ok tha but the last step
    After start open Super Su app.
    Itll say, The Su binary needs to be updated I Pressed Continue and select Normal
    but It will rooting failed reboot and try again. What should I do plz reply me on


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