Facebook Tricks And Hacks - 2015

Facebook tricks and hacks I don’t think so you can find a person who never heard about Facebook. Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active visitors from 1.25 million were mobile users. You can make new friends, share videos, share pictures and chat with friends with all over the world for free of cost.

Facebook is most popular social network so many people want to know more about Facebook like some hidden tricks and features even some of them also looking for how to hack Facebook For people like this I have found so many Facebook Tricks and Hacks typically people don’t know it exists.So let’s see All about Facebook tricks and hacks.

Facebook Tricks And Hacks – 2015

#1 How To Make Invisible Page On Facebook

  1. Follow this link to make new page Create New Page.
  2. Select any category you want.
  3. Simple Copy the given code in the name field.
  4. Now check the I agree to the terms and conditions box.
  5. All done page without a name is created.

#2 How To Post Blank Status on Facebook.
This trick is quite simple you just need to copy and paste the given code into the new status and post.

@[3:3: ]

Paste this and your blank status will be displayed.

Facebook tricks and hacks.
#3 How to Create Fake Facebook Status
Yeah, you can make fake Facebook status and post a picture to your Facebook wall to amaze your friends follow the easy steps.

  1. Follow  The Wall Machine website.
  2. Login with your Facebook profile.
  3. Now you can make a Facebook chat with anyone like you make a conversation with Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook.

#4 Create a Video of Your Facebook Pictures
If you want to Make a video of all your Facebook pictures you can go quickly follow the given steps.

  1. Follow pixable.com
  2. Login with your Facebook profile.
  3. Now you can make videos of all your Facebook pictures.

#5 How to Post Animated (.gif) Images on Facebook
If you every try to post .gif or animated picture in Facebook you notice that Facebook does not allow users to post animated pictures, but there is always a trick to doing something that is not allowed follow the steps to post animated picture on Facebook.

  1. Follow the link giphy website.
  2. Search for any animated picture you want to post.
  3. Copy and paste link in Facebook.
  4. Gif picture is now posted on your Facebook.

#6 Invite, All Friends To Like Facebook Page With One Click
if you ever made any Facebook page and didn’t that like you can invite your friends to like you page, but the thins is you have to invite all friends one by one so I have found a way to invite all your Facebook friends with one click.

  1. Log into your Facebook page.
  2. Click on invite button and load all your friend’s list from top to bottom.
  3. Now click on f12 key in chrome it will open a console window.
  4. Copy and paste give code in console and hit enter.
    var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }
  5. All your friend list is checked now click on invite button you’re done.


#7 Download Facebook Photo Albums With One Click
Manny time you want to download all your Facebook photos and video but you have to open all pictures one by one and then you can save photos so this takes so much time SO I have found a trick to download all your Facebook photos with one click.

  1. Follow the link Picknzip.com
  2. This tool allows you to download pictures from Facebook – Instagram – Vine.
  3. You can log in from Facebook with one click.
  4. Now you can see all your Facebook albums.
  5. Make them a zip and download you were done.

#8 Find Who Unfriend you on Facebook
Many time people want to know who unfriend them from Facebook, but there is no such option on Facebook so there is always a trick to find this follow the steps.

  1. Follow the link who delete me
  2. Login from your Facebook profile.
  3. Now you can see the list of friends who unfriend you.

#9 Post Your Status in Multiple Facebook Group or Page at Once
There is always a trick to make your work easier so this is another Facebook method you can post your status in all your page profiles and groups at once, but this app is paid so you have to spend some money to make your work easier.

  1. Follow the link maherhacker.
  2. Login with all your Facebook profiles pages and groups.
  3. Choose a page or profile or group and post a status all done.

#10 How to Sync Google Calender With Facebook
This question is in my mind and I found a way to sync the calendar with Facebook so I can see my friend’s birthday with notification at the correct time even without login to Facebook.

  1. Login with your Facebook profile and go to events and open calendar tab.
  2. Now tap on Settings and click on export button.
  3. Now you can see option what you want to export just click on Friends birthday.
  4. Login to your Google account and visit calendar page.
  5. Now Simply Click on Other Calendars and tap on the drop down button and then Choose Add by URL.
  6. Here you’ll paste the link which got from the FB calendar and Clicks on Add Calendar button.

#11 How to Accept all friend request at once

  1. Login to you FB account.
  2. Open your friend request page.
  3. Now copy and paste given code in the address bar.
    javascript:for( i = 1;i
  4. Press enter all done yours all request are accepted.

#12 How To Permanent Delete Facebook Account

  1. Most of the people think that deactivating and deleting are same but in practical they are different.
  2. Follow the link Delete Facebook permanently.


#13 How to  Restore Deleted Facebook Chats messages images videos
Many times people delete messages and chats accidentally and want them back so there is a way to do so follow the given steps.

  1. Login from you Facebook account.
  2. Head towards to setting tab.
  3. At last, you can see Download a copy of your Facebook data.
  4. Follow the steps and it will take some time according to your data.
  5. It Will make a zip or archive of your data and when it’s done.
  6. Head towards to your email and download the zip from given link.
  7. Unzip the zip and you found all your data and messages are back.

#14 Facebook Chat Tricks and more
I have found a website where you can do a lot of tricks.

Facebook Tricks And Hacks - 2015

Follow the link to enjoy Facebook chat tricks.
#15 How to Verify a Facebook Page

Follow the link to see the full post-Verify Facebook page.
#16 How To Convert Facebook Profile to Facebook Page
Yes, you can also turn the Facebook profile into Facebook page Follow the given steps.

  1. You need to log in from your Facebook profile which you want to convert to the Facebook page.
  2. Follow the link Facebook profile to the Facebook page.
  3. Now you can see the same page where you create a page.
  4. Choose any category you want to convert.
  5. Follow all the steps and you’re done.

#17 How To Make Single Name Facebook Account

  1. Use Hola better internet.
  2. Change to Indonesian proxy 
  3. log in to your Facebook.
  4. Change language settings to “Bahasa Indonesia“.
  5. Now Remove your last name and click on save.
  6. Get back to your default language.
  7. All Done.

#18 How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

  • First of all, log in to your Facebook account.
  • Now in Apps section, click on Games option at the right side.
  • Now click on activity Tab in-game options area.
  • Now, in the Respond To Your Requests section, click on Ignore All option.
  • Then you will see a notification of the ignored requests in your account.
  • Now, in the information, click on the Block text link.
  • Now click on Confirm button. Now, you have successfully blocked the notifications of the game or app.
  • Now repeat this method over all the games or apps to remove them from your Facebook Account.

#19 How To Remove Facebook Adds
If you’re using Chrome, you can head toward to app store and search for ad blocker and install any of one you like and click on install. All Done your ads now hide Facebook tricks and hacks.
#20 Facebook shortcuts
Follow the link to learn more about Facebook shortcuts Facebook Shortcuts.

Here are all tricks that I have research about enjoying the Facebook tricks and hacks.



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