Are you tired of the same colour folders on your Windows computer? change folder color

Is it difficult for you to find something?

Or want to amaze your friends?

Then, I have software for you which can change folder color. I know, it is one of the best things to show to our friends and even changing the folder colour will help you to recognise that which colour folder contains which data.

How To Change Folder Color in Windows?

I also use the coloured folders because it helps me to access my data quickly without reading the names of the folder again and again. The best thing is that it is almost compatible with all your windows OS, you can use it on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. change folder color

If you are interested and wants to change folder color, then changing the folder colour is as easy as refreshing your Windows computer. Because all you need is a simple software to download and then use it with ease.

How to Change folder color in Windows 7, 8,8.1 & 10

I know it’s an easy process but I will provide a little tutorial which will help you greatly. So let’s move with the steps.

  1. The first step is to download a software named Folder Colorizer. It’s an entirely free program which will not harm your system. So to download it click here.
  2. When you have downloaded the Folder Colorizer, then install it by double clicking on the setup.
  3. The above image shows how you can accept and agree with their agreement and terms. So click on the next button to accept the terms.
  4. When you press next button, then the software will ask you to install the programme. So click on the install button and you are ready to change folder color.
  5. There might be a welcome message for you, but let’s move to the primary step to change folder colour. Now select a folder and right-click on it, you will find an option “colourize”.
  1. Now, when you move your cursor to colourize option, then options with many colours will seem like in the image below. Just select a colour and colour of the folder will be changed instantly.colorozee


  1. If you want to change the colour or restore the folders original colour, then it’s also as easy as changing the colour. Just select the option “Restore original colour” by choosing an option from colourize.

I think this was the easiest way to change folder color. Because there were no coding or settings required modifying the colour of the folder. But still if you think there’s another easy and safe way to change colour in windows, then please let us know in the comments.

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