How To Block or disable Whatsapp calls

    Whatsapp makes our life easier than ever now we can chat with anyone around the world over the internet without paying high charges like before But after they launched their calling feature and got tremendous response take WhatsApp to new level but some people don’t like cause of its low voice quality and more than it anyone can call you even if you don’t want to receive the call they can make you feel annoying, you can block them so they can never call you but what if you just want to chat don’t want to call there is no feature in WhatsApp that can disable WhatsApp calling function for all or some particular contact but I have found a way that can be very useful if you want to Block or disable Whatsapp calls.

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    How To Block or disable Whatsapp calls

    Whatsapp calling feature makes our life easier now we can talk about anyone in the world or long distance call without pay high call rates and with just the use of the internet. But sometimes this is annoying that people you don’t know they call you without any reason so there is something great that I have found for you can disable WhatsApp calling feature follow the steps below to disable calling in WhatsApp.

    No Root Needed 🙂

    1. Get the app Disable Whatsapp Calls.
    2. Install it on any rooted or non-rotted device.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions.How To Block or disable Whatsapp calls
    4. You’re all set WhatsApp calls are disabled.

    Recently Google has removed this app from the app store so that’s why I got my link to download this app so don’t think this app can harm your device or something like that all safe app.

    This app is only have limited features so you can just tap on the button to disable WhatsApp call and tap on the button again to re-enable WhatsApp calling. You can also forward WhatsApp calls to other numbers so you can skip calls.

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    Method 2 –

    Requirements :-

    1. Rooted Android Device
    2. ES File Explorer Installed

    Disable WhatsApp calls with rooted phone

    1. Install es file explorer.
    2. Open it > Swipe from left to right > Enable root explorer Grant super SU permission.
    3. Go to  /data/data/com.whatsapp
    4.  Find a folder named as shared_preps and look for the file called com.whatsapp.preference.XML
    5. Tap it and open in a text editor.
    6. Find a <boolean name=”call” value=”true” /> and edit it’s vale to false and save it.
    7. Now restart your device and check for WhatsApp calling.
    8. Successfully disabled WhatsApp calling.

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    That’s all about the How To Block or disable Whatsapp calls Fells free to comment down below if you got any problem or if links are not working Happy to Help :).

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