Why Root Android Phone

Android phones are the best in now days and mostly used phone’s in these days everyone have android phone and all want best performance from there phones so some of them know how to root android phone and some of them even don’t know Why Root Android Phone  so here is a quick tutorial how do you root an android How To Root Any Android Phone Here you can Upgrade Any Phone to Jelly Bean But question is Why Root Android Phone so here i gonna show you how to root my android phone and Why Root Android Phone.

What is rooting?

In simple you can  your phone and do anything Rooting means gaining root access to your device. When you take your phone out of the box, while there are plenty of settings you can tweak, you can only alter what the manufacturer allows you to. By you can modify the device’s software on the very deepest level. It takes a bit of  (some devices more than others), it voids your warranty, and there’s a small chance that you could completely break your phone forever. But you know what? It’s still totally worth it for all the goodies you get access to.

Why Root Android Phone

 Why Root Android Phone?

When you root you phone How To Root Any Android Phone you will get fully access to your mobile you can increase your phone performance your phone ram How To Make Ram Of SD Card Android optimize your phone for best performance and optimize your phone for gaming that will never hang and will play all apps and games on your phone.

Benefits of Rooting ..!!

Rooted android phone have many benefits but root android phones is nit always safe so follow all the instructions carefully when you root android phones so here is benefits of rooting android phone

1.Upgrade Any Phone to Jelly Bean :

when You root you mobile phone you will like  you phone and you will upgrade you phone to any android version just need to download firmware of that android and then flash your phone to any android version available here  i just upgrade my ace2 from ginger bread to jeally bean after rooting my mobile phone and it works well .

2. Run Multiple and More Apps :

There are lot of apps available in the play but in there are some apps that not compatible with some phones so you can’t play that app in you phone but after rooting process you can play and run any app on you phone that is compatible with your phone or not so this is the best part of root your phone you have fully access to your rooted android phones.

3. Move All Apps To SD :

So if you use android phone you know that there are some apps that can’t be moved in sd card it already saved in your phones internal memory so you can;t move that app in sd and it cause you phone’s lower memory and lower performance if your phone  so if you root your phone you can easily move any app to sd So if you have lower internal memory this is very beneficial for you.

4. Make Ram Of Memory Card :

So when you root you phone you can also increase your phone custom rom memory that so you can install more apps and run multiple apps without any hang in you phone and you phone will never gonna hang or reboot any more.

5. Faster speed :

so if you phone speed is low and hang many time rooted android phones is the best use for you there are lot of rooting apps for android that you can use after root you mobile phone to make best use of your rooted android phone it can speed up your phone and optimize for best performance Why Root Android Phone.

So these are the answer Why Root Android Phone and the best use of android phone after root so try to root you android phone and have best performance. ;)

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