Whatsapp for iPhone 3g

Whatsapp is that the hottest messaging app that’s victimization to send message whatsapp is fully free and you can send message worldwide free from coast whatsapp to whatsapp, and in currently days virtually everybody have whatsapp put in his/her phone to attach with friends with quick instant message service that’s very cool connect with ME through whatssapp add me  in your contact list or send me message 9888404991. surely gonna replay you. last time i simply show you the way you’ll be able to cause you to whatsapp time period free from coast with this easy trick Get Whatsapp Free For Lifetime . you’ll be able to conjointly use whatsapp in you laptop or portable computer simply follow this post
Send and Receive WhatsApp Messages on Windows PC. these days iphone is most used phone within the world however there’s drawback in iphone 3g or lower that you just cannot run whatsapp on you iphone 3g device cause during this phone there’s is lower  Ios 4.3.1 and in currently days whatsapp not support this version it support higher version therefore you cannot install whatssapp in iPhone 3g device . however there’s an answer i gonna show you the way you’ll be able to install Whatsapp in you iPhone 3g device simply follow the straightforward steps and here you get whatsapp in you iPhone 3g device.


Whatsapp for iPhone 3g

    1. first of all you would like to transfer whatsapp in your phone however it show’s that you simply had lower version you have got to search out go in google you’ll simply get ipa file of whatsapp free from coast.
    2. i forgot to indicate you that you need jailbreak iphone 3g device to do all this steps.
    3. you need to download iFile form cydia. simply open cydia and search fro iFile and the istall in your device.
    4. once you download the iFile follow next step carefully
    5.  Open iFile>>Click library Top left until the last page apper
    6.  Click >>System 
    7. click>>Library 
    8. scroll down to>> CoreServices .
    9. Scroll down to bottom at last file >>SystemVersionPills .
    1. Click on >> Property List Viwer.
    2. At Bottom Click >>Product Version .
    1. change value to >> 5.1 
    2. Click back top left.
    3. Reboot you iPhone device.
    4. Know you’ll be able download whatsapp from app store or install from itunes  your whatssapp will working fine.

    Here is all easy and straightforward one by one steps to put in Whatsapp for iPhone 3g you simply ought to follow the steps and here you get whatsapp in you iphone 3g device. I even have check this and know whatssapp operating fine in my iPhone 3g device thus better of luck for your.;)

    Comment down if it works for you or if had any drawback i’ll assist you out. and additionally provide some Ratting to the current post to let folks apprehend this is often operating or not. enjoy :)

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