How To Hide Files And Folders In Android

Hello mates once again Minky here with My new post , How To Hide Files And Folders In Android Going to show you how you can easily well communication device  these days are more popular and handy, so everyone have some private things in there handy devices like android that they don’t want to show any one like to friends or any one, so here is great idea to hide that private things in your android device without any software and without paying any penny to buy any kind of software for hiding files privately in your android mobile. so here i have a  great idea, Guys you do not need to have any kind of software or any app for hiding files you can do it without any software  follow some simple given bellow to do this.

How To Hide Files And Folders Easily In Android

  1. Every mobile have file explorer if you don’t have i recommend you to download ES File Explorer File Manager Totally Free.
  2. Open your file browser or file explorer.
  3. Now you have to find that particular file or any folder that you want to hide in your mobile.
  4. Now just Rename that file or folder and add a . In front of it, so it will look like something” .videos”How To Hide Files And Folders Easily In Android
  5. if you want to see that hidden file again you can also switch your file explorer to show hidden files.
  6. So as you know your android device is running linux system so it will think that this is system file
  7. so cant cant be run or it can’t be shown in picture gallery.
  8. Well if you want to show it up just rename it again and remove that in front of it and that file folder will be usable again and start appear again.

So this is simple working trick How To Hide Files And Folders  In Android so enjoy hidding files and folder’s

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